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Passion in every breath 

in every action you take

love for life

the moment and style

be yourself and stay healthy

listen, look and keep your mouth shut

Enjoy the presence of family and friends

they are everywhere and share with them, play with them

respect all the living and death

there is no right or wrong

threats there are though, you can parse those

most definitely there are chances

live share experience enjoy




Another subject to share


We seem to start to forget that we as humanity arrived at a point.

A point on the circles timeline of the universe where excess rules. Wars happen. Migrations. Disunity. And so on...


Wake Up! 

Start to enjoy the present please.

Please note that newspapers/news/general media are sending their energy to make us forget that we have choice. We let them guide us. Look, this inevitable fact that we receive this information is bad enough. Though, how we consume this information is a personal choice. 


Knowing this, you can (if you want and try.... really try!) live a good life when you look at our present time.

Look around you, now. What do you see? Office? Living room? School? Tram? AirPort? Showroom? Shop? Car? Coffee? Biscuit? Bread? Full fridge? Dry? Warm? Nice people?

I know most people who read this can see one of the above mentioned words around them, at this current moment. It is all good, now. Is not that great! Everything is at its place! All good at this present time.

Celebrating a break in 5 minutes! Of course, the world is on fire, and of course there are exceptions. Don't pretend to be surprised. 

Only love can defeat hatred.

 Please, people wake up and look around you. Learn from your mistakes. And let's (for as long as we can) enjoy the beautiful world around us.

If it ends it ends for all of us.  If this present moment is the most beautiful moment you can wish for, then also that (death) is a piece of cake. Everybody knows life is temporary, so why the fuss.

Accept the present and let your own stars shine. Share it. With everybody. Not only on #socialmedia but every minute of your life, every day. Stop bullshitting, roll up your sleeves and start a revolution with yourself. Make people happy. All people. Hurray..... we live!



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